Wireless Extenders

Wireless Extender is a term that is quite widely used now,  the idea of being able to extend the wireless to gain further coverage in larger or multi story homes.  Unfortunately ‘repeating’ the WiFi can greatly degrade the signal quality thus losing you valuable internet connection quality.  If you can get the extender closer to the modem then that may work as a plug and play solution but not as well as a wired to wireless finish.  Also worth mentioning that the wireless being repeated will be getting its source signal from a potentially flawed product such as the service provider free modem option given to you when you signed up.  A data cabled option to feed a secondary wireless access point will always outperform and last when it comes to your IP demands becoming greater. Wifi Extender technician is not required if you want to plug and play something off the shelf but it will always be better to cable.

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