Rural Broadband

There are more options now for choosing a rural broadband provider then ever before. How do you know which one to go with? ADSL and VDSL is outdated now but still unlimited on the data allowance. How many users in the home and what they are using the internet for can be a deal breaker if your rural broadband is capped at an amount you will go over every month.

To test which is the fastest provider for your farm a good test is to see the bars 3G/4G on mobile phones on your property before selecting. If you can get 4G on yours or a friends mobile phone then its guaranteed you will be able to run your home on it one way or another. Mixed Signals Ltd provides and installs high quality wide band 3G + 4G antennas to suit all providers so that if you are in a marginal area for signal we can customise a solution to improve your signal greatly thus giving you faster internet speeds in home.

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