Home Theatre / Multi - Room Audio

We all loving listening to music, but how much that we need to have speakers in every room? UE Booms have come a long way especially for portability but will never deliver a 7.2 channel Dolby ATMOS Home theatre sound.

Floor standing maple wood speakers will always be a better sound produced then in ceiling options but minimalistic aesthetics is a must for some people when building a new modern home. If you are a full audio buff then there is no limit to options you could put into a dedicated home theatre room and shut yourself in for days listening to high fidelity. If you wish to combine your living area with a 5.1 system perhaps a high quality in ceiling option will take nothing away from your floor plan.

All new AV receivers have airplay and Spotify connect so your amp can stay hidden in the AV / DATA hub and you should never have to touch it ideally. Extra zones for audio are much better delivering audio by way of a streaming amp. This way you can choose which audio source and where by only picking up your phone and selecting Spotify or a similar app.

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