Fibre to the home (FTTH)

It is exciting times to get your house connected to high speed broadband internet that fibre can deliver. Many factors can be considered when getting hooked up by the UFB contractors. Where will the ONT go? Where will my Router be? Can I integrate the analogue phone system for alarms etc. These decisions could greatly impact the performance of the distribution of WiFi throughout your premises if your house has no Ethernet jack points. Especially if you have a large area or multi story home.

A smart recommendation is to try get the technician to cable the fibre to the ONT in the most central location so that when you get your ISP supplied Router you will be up and running as best possible. Mixed Signals Ltd can provide a much faster solution by means of a 1 million packets per second router which can deliver 1 gbps download speed should you wish to subscribe to it. WiFi would be supplied by AC ceiling access points positioned in places conventional routers only dream of.

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